The IXIS Company


IXIS is born in 2015 with the meeting of two Commissioning experts. Both co-founders have a long and unique experience in this field, more than 30 years. They have immediately agreed on creating something new due to management deficiencies experienced in many Projects and countries and developed new methods, a new management software IXISCOM, they could not find at that time. The full commissioning process was digitalized.


IXIS head quarters are located in Paris, France. As of its creation, IXIS started a quick development and founded in 2017 a subsidiary company in Mexico (IXISMEX). Then, it has established strong commercial links with global zones as follows:

  • North America, with a representative in Canada and prospections in the United States of America
  • South America, with prospection areas in Argentina and Brazil
  • Persian Gulf, with a subsidiary company in Abu Dhabi and prospections in the Gulf countries
  • Asia, with a representative in Thailand and prospections in Vietnam.

The IXIS Co-Founders


Master Degree in Automation and Control. (D.E.A Automatique appliquée)

Over 20 years experience in International commissioning activities and management.

Overseas Manager, responsible for the organization, the coordination, the commercial and technical development for Commissioning projects.

Over 30 years collaboration with an Oil French Major Company, in charge of Commissioning training (OPERCOM® Methodology and ICAPS© software).

Head of IT Department (Support and software developments) and Head of Technical Support Department in a major French Company.

  • Commissioning Project for Oil & Gas, refinery, industry activities
  • Training strategy
  • Software tools development
  • Commissioning methodology development

Thierry REVOL, CEO

Master Degree in Engineering (ECOLE CENTRALE DE PARIS)

Over 30 years experience in International Project and Commissioning Management, mainly in the Oil Upstream Industry, but also in the syngas and Airgas industry, covering all Project activities and positions.

  • Technical: all activities related to Pre-Project and Project (Engineering, Construction, Commissioning), with a special emphasis on Commissioning (Fully conversant with the OPERCOM methodology).
  • Management:
    • Project Management (EPCC/EPCM contracts), contractual claims resolution
    • Commissioning management (Oil&Gas, Synthetic gases, Air gases)

Co-founders Experiences

The Co-Founders have a wide experience in Both Projects and Commissioning management, mainly in the Oil&Gas sector.


The Co-founders
Thierry REVOL & Michel PELERIN

The IXIS methodology development based on IXISCOM came from the evidence after many years of commissioning experience, that there were no performing tools available for commissioning management.

Commissioning is a critical Project phase and is often underestimated. It is posing problems to the Project management and is a regular source of delays in Plant Start-Up and subsequent heavy costs for the Owner.

The IXIS methodology, with specific and proven strengths, constitutes an ideal solution to these serious issues.


Eduardo Frias, MD
IEPI - OHL Group
Testimonial Eduardo Frias


Fermin Oscar Delgado Arjona
Testimonial Fermin Oscar Delgado Arjona



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